Med Prep

One of the top pharmacy copounders in its field, Med Prep complies with all USP 797 standards and holds licensing from the State of New Jersey, ensuring that all formulations it prepares are completely sterile and ready for use in healthcare facilities. The company specializes in aseptic compounding. Med Prep also assures its clients that each employee is skilled in up-to-date procedures and can produce a product free of contamination. All of the formulations that Med Prep comppounds use only those sterile drugs and supplies that have received the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration. With its expert staff and wide-ranging experience, Med Prep can produce an assortment of products, such as small- and large-volume parenterals, oncology delivery mechanisms, dose-specific syringes, labor and delivery drugs, and other treatment options. The company also offers medications for specific uses, including antibiotics, sedatives, pain management medications, cardiac medicines, antiemetics, anticoagulants, anesthetics, electrolyte solutions, and a variety of other medications. The company compounds the formulation according to the client’s wishes, which gives the client more freedom when it comes to ordering products. The client can now store much smaller amounts of each formaultion, which eliminates the waste of expired drug and therefore lowers costs. Med Prep has been serving pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals since 1994. The company maintains a knowledgeable staff and a management department with more than 30 years of pharmaceutical experience. Currently, Med Prep plans to further expand its practice to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.